Augmented Reality Marketing

We help businesses engage their customers using
Augmented Reality (AR) on their mobile phones

Augmented Pictures

No contact restaurant menus.  
Scan the restaurant logo and
get instant access to their menu!

Augmented People

Share contact, personal video messages
& social media information
by just scanning a picture of yourself

Augmented Products

Scan your product to engage with
videos, social media links
and product information!


Product Information

Interact with products on a whole new reality.  Scan the product or print media and connect with your customers

Empowers advertising campaigns

Augment your existing print media or unique product packaging to add videos & virtual interactivity on your customers mobile phone.

Connect customers to social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, & LinkedIn.  Add virtual buttons to link customers to your social media.  Drives more interaction!


No Contact Restaurant Menus

Your customers phone is now your menu!
Provide your diners with a no contact option
for your restaurants menu.

Safe & Sanitary

Eliminate reusable menus and provide a
clean, safe way to read your menu.

Eco Friendly

Eliminate paper menus or using caustic cleaning materials to keep your laminated menus clean.


Contact Information

Enable your contact information right from a picture of yourself.  Enhance your ability to connect with clients!

Generate a Call or Email

After scanning your image, buttons appear to connect your clients to your vCard, dial you, email you, or connect to your social media!

Video Greetings

You can have a introductory video play once your image is scanned.  Let your clients see your personality!


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